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1. Where will the Tru-Line Flange-Couplings be used?

Type of machine, machine group or installation:



Drawing of the coupling with dimensions of journals of the shafts


2. Operating data
Drive power Pn [kW]
Max. shaft speed nM [min-1]
Nominal torque MN [Nm]
Max. torque Mmax [Nm]
Minimum safety factor Smin [1]
Installation conditions




In a closed room

Temperature range from [°C]
  to [°C]
Max. bending moment Mb [Nm]
Max. radial force Frad [N]
Max. axial force Fax [N]

If the installation conditions are different, please send us a description and drawing.

We will be happy to look at these and make suggestions.

3. Dimensions

Shaft 1/Flange 1

Shaft diameter d1 [mm]
Shaft material    
Shaft tolerance T1W [mm]
Average surface roughness Rz1 [µm]

Shaft 2/Flange 2

Shaft diameter d2 [mm]
Shaft material    
Shaft tolerance T2W [mm]
Average surface roughness Rz2 [µm]

To be filled out in addition when using motor gear unit on rocker


Distance to the torque support


a [mm]


e [mm]

Distance to the bearing


d [mm]


Distance to the centre of gravity


b [mm]


c [mm]



γ [°]

Total weight


GW [kg]

4. Estimated requirements
   Pieces (one off application)    Pieces/month    Pieces/year
5. Enclosures

Allowed file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF, AutoCAD, STEP, DXF, XLS, DOC, TXT





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